U-Pick Apples

U-Pic Update:

Our U-Pick Apples start the beginning of September and go until middle of October. Apple U-Pic Weekends Only.

Apple U-Pick
Usual time to start Apple U-Pick is the beginning of September
U-Pick Hours: 10am-5pm*
*You must be here before 4:30pm to get into the orchard to pick
We are in the EST Time Zone, which is 1 hour ahead of Chicago
Peach & Apple U-Pick Address:
2789 Friday Rd. Coloma, MI 49038
Farm Market Address:
3452 Friday Rd. Coloma, MI 49038
Market Hours: Everyday 9am-7pm
Market Phone: (269) 468-3668
Other Times: (269) 208-3591
Please call ahead for seasonal changes and prices
Free Hayrides to the orchards are available from our central parking area. No Admission, Make a day of it by enjoying our Free Picnic Area and Playground.

Start a family tradition by visiting beautiful Southwest Michigan to see the fall colors, then you and your family can pick the perfect apple right off the tree. Enjoy our free Hayrides right to the orchard where you can pick all the apples you want without having to step on a ladder, as our many different varieties are grown on dwarf trees. Then rest awhile at our free picnic area and playground or stop by our farm market for a free sample of our super sweet apple cider, freshly made with our own apples.


  • PRISTINE - July 25 to August 25 - A high quality apple for the very early season. This golden colored apple is squatty in shape with crisp firm flesh and sweet flavor. It stores in the refrigerator for 2 weeks. You can even bake with it and it will keep the shape of the slices, but many customers think it makes the best applesauce.

  • Early Gold

  • Dandee Red

  • Sunrise

  • PAULA RED - August 15 to 31 - A tart summer apple with firm flesh for fresh eating, applesauce or baking. Slices do cook down when baking. This dark red apple has a squatty shape and stores for 2 weeks.

  • JON-A-MAC - August 25 to September 15 - An older variety that is a cross between Jonathan and Macintosh. Apple is dark red and looks squatty like a Macintosh. Apple is medium size, tart flavor, firm flesh, crisp with high quality. Good for eating, applesauce or baking but slices cook down a little. Stores for 4 weeks in your refrigerator.

  • GALA - September 1 to 20 - A newer variety that has wonderful qualities. Gala has a wonderful super sweet flavor with crisp, firm, juicy flesh. Gala stores well for months in refrigeration. Gala is great for eating or baking because the slices do not cook down hardly at all. Gala is one of my favorite pie and eating apples. The apple is pink in color with a longish shape for the size. 

  • OZARK GOLD - September 1 to 20 - An older variety that reminds of a Golden Delicious apple with a slight tang. The apple looks very similar to a Golden Delicious with a small pink/red cheek. The flavor is sweet-tart and crisp, so it eats very well and bakes very well. I usually combine Gala and Ozark in my pies during this time of year. When baking, Ozark slices do keep their shape, but do soften. They make good applesauce and stores well until Thanksgiving.

  • RED CORTLAND - September 10 to 30 - A very large size red color apple with pure white flesh. Just a newer red version of Cortland. The tart flavor is good for eating, applesauce or baking, although slices do soften during baking.

  • EMPIRE - September 15 to October 5 - A tart but very flavorful, very crisp apple that stays hard for months in refrigeration. The apple is dark red with a squatty shape. Empire is great for eating or baking and the slices do not get soft. This is an older variety which does not get the attention it deserves!

  • JONAGOLD - September 25 to October 15 - A very large, sweet tart flavor, crisp apple that is very juicy. The apple is pink, large and long. Do not store past Thanksgiving for best quality. Jonagold is great for eating, applesauce or baking but the slices do get soft. This is a redder version of a very old variety.

  • RED DELICIOUS - September 25 to October 20 - I think everyone knows a Red Delicious apple. You only eat it, do not cook with it.

  • GOLDEN DELICIOUS - October 1 to 31 - My favorite apple for eating until Christmas. It stores until spring in refrigeration. The apple is bright yellow, large size and long shape. Goldens are great for eating, applesauce and baking while the slices keep their shape. All winter, Golden Delicious is my favorite pie apple. In storage, the flavor stays sweet but the apple gets soft, but not too soft to enjoy.

  • FUJI - October 15 to 31 - My favorite eating apple after Christmas because the flavor gets stronger and even sweeter but stays juicy. Fuji is great for baking but add any other apple, like Golden Delicious, because the slices will not get soft at all or release any juice. Fuji will easily stay very hard and extra sweet until taken out of refrigeration the next spring or after. This is the apple we save for our family and employees to eat all winter.


These varieties and others are also available already picked at our farm market, including frozen apple slices and freshly made apple cider.


**Availability is dependent on the weather, so please call ahead to get a better idea on ripening times. Ripening dates

can vary as much as 2 weeks earlier or later from year to year.


Please come visit us in June for CHERRYTIME!!

Welcome to Fruit Acres

A Note from Annette and Randy: Friday, June 11, 2021

Fruit Acres Farm Market is now open for the  season. We now have Sweet Local Strawberries,  fresh Local Sugar Snap Peas and Fresh Snow Peas. I do not have U-Pick Strawberries!

UPICK IS STARTING MONDAY JUNE 21, 2021.  Fruit Acres first U-Pick of the season will be Black Sweet Cherries.  We do have a slightly bigger crop than 2020 in both Sweet and Sour Cherries, but it is NOT a huge crop which means we will probably only be open for Sweet Cherry U-Pic (Black Sweet Cherry, Black Sour Cherry ) for about 3 days in a row. There are very few Rainier Cherries on the trees to pick so don't plan on getting them past the first day. Cherry season is done very fast every year. 

Price for U-Pick Black Sweet Cherries & Rainier Sweet Cherries & Black Sour Cherries are $4.99 per pound. There is a $5 admission per person for ages 6 and up. Children age 5 and under are free. If you pay for 10 lbs of Sweet Cherries, you get 1 paid admission refunded (you get $5 back). 20 lbs of Sweet Cherries picked,  refunds 2 admission and so on.

U-Pick Cherry Address: 6299 Carmody Road, Coloma, MI


The Red Montmorency Sour Cherries will be starting around June 29 and going about 1 week.  You can also buy Sour Cherries or Sweet Cherries already picked at the farm market when the u-pic is available too.

Fruit Acres does have a large peach crop this year and we will have U-Pick starting August 14 and going until September 5. Peach and Apple u-pic is open weekends only. Apple u-pic will start around Labor Day and go until the middle of October.

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