Fruit Acres Farm Market & U-Pick

A Message from Annette on October 1, 2022.

Fruit Acres Farms U-Pick is open Saturday October 1 and Sunday October 2 from 10 to 4:30 Michigan time at 2789 Friday Road, Coloma, MI. We have lots of Apples for you to pick off the trees yourself for $.99 per pound. Apples available this week to pick are  Golden and Red Delicious, Jonagold, Empire, Red Cortland, Swiss Gourmet, Snowsweet, Cameo, Gala, & Early Fuji. We do not have any U-Pick Honeycrisp Apples to pick yourself. You can buy Honeycrisp Apples already picked ($29.99 half bushel over 25 pounds) at my fruit stand, Michigan time. U-Pic Address is 2789 Friday Road, Coloma, Mi.

​​At the U-Pick,  bring a picnic and enjoy it with your family in our free picnic area with playground for the kids, take a wagon ride out to pick Apples and enjoy a day in the country with your family. No Admission.  Apple U-Pick is $.99 lb. That is the same price as last year. Free wagon rides, free playground and picnic area.  Apple upick will be every Saturday and Sunday from now to October 16, 2022. Our U-Pick is ONLY OPEN ON SATURDAY AND SUNDAY, NOT DURING THE WEEK.

Fruit Acres Farm Market is open everyday from 9am to 7pm to buy a huge assortment of Local Fruits and Vegetables already picked. Address is 3452 Friday Road, Coloma, MI. That is just off I-94 at exit #39 on south side of highway. Easy Off/Easy On. The stand last day open this yer is October 23, 2022.

Fruit Acres Farm Market is full of Local Fruits and Vegetables now! Fresh from our own farm we have HONEYCRISP Apples, & Swiss Gourmet, Gala,  Early Fuji, McIntosh and Early Golden Delicious Apples $19.99 half bushel, Sweet Bartlett and Asian Pears $25.99 half bushel, and Sweet Plums $6.99 quart. Please try a Free Sample. Stand Address is 3452 Friday rd, Coloma, MI. From Local Farms I have Concord Grapes (with seeds), Red and Black Raspberries (limited supply), Brussel Sprouts, White & Purple Cauliflower (limited supply), Tomatoes are $1.99 lb (Vine Ripe Large, Yellow, Green, Roma), Red Salad, Red Grape Tomatoes are all $2.99 pint, Peppers are $1.99 lb (Anaheim, Cubanelle, Serrano, Jalapeno, Melrose, Cayenne, Hot and Sweet Banana, Mini Bells, Cherry Bombs, Poblano, Italian Roasting, & Shishito). Green Bell Peppers ($.69 ea 3 for $1.99), Red and Orange Peppers $.99 ea,  Eggplant $1.99 lb (Regular, Skinny and Zebra), Green Beans (limited supplies), Beets, Green Cabbage $.69 lb, Zuchinni, Yellow Squash, Brocolli, Fall Squash $.99 lb (Acorn, Butternut, Delicata, Carnival, Buttercup, Spaghetti),  Decorative Gourds ($.69 ea, 3/ $1.99), Pie Pumpkins ($1.99 ea), Big Pumpkins, Beautiful Mums $8.99 ea or 3 for $24.99. This is ALL FROM LOCAL FARMS!! I love Michigan in the fall. Also Delicious Frozen Pies $17.99 ea (just bake 1 hour and enjoy), Local Raw and Regular Honey from Local Bees. Frozen Sour Cherries. Large Assortment of Jams, Salsa and Dressings. I think that may be it for now.  Have a great day! Address of Fruit Stand is 3452 Friday Road, Coloma, MI

Other U-Pick Farms you can visit:

U-Pick Concord Grapes : Prillwitz Fruit Farm at 7196 E. Main St., Eau Claire, MI 49111 (269) 461-6720. Also Stanley prune plums to buy. 


How to contact Annette:
Cell phone: Questions Annette(269) 208-3591 or Farm Market (269) 468-3668
(I do not check email everyday. Text is the best way to contact me.)
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Farm History
Our family settled this 200 acre fruit farm, located in Coloma Michigan in 1846. We are the 5th generation of Friday family farming it. We grow Black Sweet Cherries, Rainier Sweet Cherries, Sour Pie Cherries, Sweet Peaches, Nectarines, Plums, Apricots, Pears and Crisp Apples (including Honeycrisp) already picked at our farm market (when available). 
U-Pick Fruit
At Fruit Acres you can pick fruit right off the tree yourself (when available). Black Sweet Cherries, Rainier Sweet Cherries and Sour Pie Cherries are available for only 10 days from Late June to Early July. Late June to July 3 is usually a good time to come to pick Red Montmorency Sour Cherries. We are open every day until the Cherries are picked off the tree! We are not open for U-Pick of anything on July 4!!
YES WE HAVE Sweet Juicy U-Pick Peaches this year!!! The U-Pick Peaches season is approximately August 13 to September 11. Peach and Apple U-Pick is available Weekends Only
Crisp Apple U-Pick is the beginning of September to Columbus Day. We have 4 different kinds of apples most weekend for upick. 
Fruit Stand - Farm Market
Farm Market (Fruit Stand) is open when we can get Fresh Local Produce from Our Own Farm or from our great neighbors. During the Local Season we usually sell (when available) Sweet Eating Plums (July to September),  Honeycrisp Apples, Nectarines, Tomatoes (several different kinds), Green and Yellow Beans, Squash, Alot of Different Peppers, Different kinds of Eggplant, Beets, Okra, Brocolli, Red and Black Raspberries, Blackberries, New Potatoes, Cantaloupe, Watermelon, Cucumbers, Fresh Pickles Cucumbers, Leaf Lettuce, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Brussel Sprouts, and much much more.

Welcome to Fruit Acres Farm Market

& U-Pick


A Note from Annette and Randy: Friday, July 1, 2022

At the Farm Market, we have Local Sweet Red or Black Raspberries, Our Own Black Sweet Cherries ($5.99 lb), Local Sweet Blueberries, Arkansas Tomatoes, Local Michigan Sugar Snap Peas, Snow Peas, Zuchini, and Herb Plants.

​Farm Market Address 3452 Friday Road, Coloma, MI.  I-94 Easy Off Easy On at Exit #39.

​Fruit Acres U-Pick still has Black Sweet Cherries & Rainier Sweet Cherries & Gold Sweet Cherries and Montmorency Sour Pie Cherries on the tree for you to pick yourself. I still have lots of Sweet Cherries for you to pick off the tree. When you enter the cashier area, go right and keep on going over the hill until you see the Black Sweet cherries on the tree. Rainier Cherries are very pink color now and they are in the top of the tree. Gold Cherries are all in one section almost to the end of the orchard (on the road side of orchard). There are Sweet Cherries out there to pick, but you have to walk over the hill to get to them. We are open 10am to 5pm (Michigan Time), That is 9 to 4 Illinois time. Closed July 4 for U-Pic. Sweet Cherries are $4.99 pound, and Sour Cherries are $1.49 per pound. U-Pic Cherry Address is 6299 Carmody Road, Coloma MI. NO BACKPACKS OR BIG BAGS ALLOWED IN ORCHARD. NO BREAKING BRANCHES OFF THE TREES!! That is where the cherries grow next year. NO CLIMBING TREES, (you may hurt yourself or the tree). There is NO admission being charged anymore this year. We will be having Sour Cherry U-Pic through July 10 (we hope), but the Sweet Cherries U-Pic is going day by day. Check back for updates. Our farm market is open July 4 to buy any cherries you want, but not to pick them.

Fruit Acres still has Black Sweet Cherries and Rainier Sweet Cherries on the tree, now through Sunday, for you to pick yourself. The sooner you come to pick the better, because once they get picked, they do not grow back. There is no more admission this year. $4.99 pound for the Sweet Cherries you take with you. Open everyday from 10 to 5 Michigan time. The U-Pic is Closed on Monday 7/4. You can always buy Black Sweet Cherries already picked at the market for $5.99 pound.

Montmorency Red Sour Pie Cherries are ready now! Sour Cherries are $1.49 pound (if you pick or if I pick them). Sour Cherry season is now to Sunday July 10 (I hope). These cherries are for pies or liquor, most people do not eat them raw.

Parking for U-Pick Cherries is at 6299 Carmody Road, Coloma, MI.


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