*Southwest Michigan Harvest Dates*

All Harvest Dates are dependent on weather, so feel free to contact out Farm Market (269) 468-3668 to see what we have available or check out our weekly updates here or on Facebook.

These dates below are not exact. They are the average time the item is available on a normal year. The only problem is in Michigan we never have normal years. Sometimes they are earlier and sometimes they are later. 

Approximate Harvest Dates for FARM FRESH FRUIT

  • Sweet Strawberries - All of June

  • Black Sweet Cherries - June 23 to July 4

  • Sour Pie Cherries - July 1 to July 9, when available

  • Red & Black Raspberries - July 7-25

  • Early Eating Sweet Peaches - July 10 thru August 4

  • Plump Sweet Apricots - July 10-30

  • Firm Sweet Blueberries - July 7 thru August 20

  • Sweet Eating Plums (several varieties) - July 20 thru August

  • Homegrown Sweet Cantaloupe - July 15 thru August

  • Red Haven Peaches - August 4-20

  • Sweet Freestone Peaches for Canning, Eating, Freezing, Baking - August thru September

  • Sweet White Freestone Peaches for Canning, Eating, Freezing, Baking - August 20 - September 10

  • Early Eating Apples - July 25 thru August

  • Concord Grapes with seeds for Eating, Jelly or Juice - September

  • Crisp Sweet and Tart Fall Apples - September thru October

Approximate Harvest Dates for FLOWERS & VEGETABLES

  • Fresh Asparagus & Rhubarb - Middle of June to End of June

  • Fresh Zucchini - Late June thru September

  • Edible Pod Peas - Late June thru September

  • Peaches & Cream Super Sweet Corn - July 10 into October

  • Fresh Crisp Cucumbers - July 5 thru September

  • New Crop Red Potatoes - Mid-July thru October

  • Fresh Tender Green Beans - Mid-July thru September

  • Delicious Fresh Tomatoes - July 20 thru September

  • Beautiful Homegrown Gladiolus Flowers - July 10 thru September

  • Sweet Grape and Cherry Tomatoes - July 10 thru September

  • Fresh Crisp Green and Hot Peppers - Late July thru September

  • Ornamental Gourds - September thru October

  • Beautiful Blooming Mum Plants - September thru October

  • Hard Winter Squash (several varieties) - September thru October

  • Fresh White Cauliflower - September 15 thru October

  • Brussel Sprouts on Stalk - October


Welcome to Fruit Acres

A Note from Annette and Randy: Monday July 5, 2020

HI Everyone! I am very sorry but There are NO MORE U-Pick Cherries for 2020. That means there is nothing on the trees to pick. This is for Sweet and Sour Cherries. Also there is NOTHING else for you to pick off the trees UNTIL  U-Pick Apples starting in September.


Fruit Acres Farm Market is open everyday 9am to 7pm.

We will be open on July 3,4,5 from 9am to 7pm. We now have Sweet Black Sweet Cherries from Northern Michigan for $4.99 pound.  Sweet Corn Charlie Super Sweet Corn from northern Indiana is here. It is Delicious!  Also Sweet Local Red and Black Raspberries, Delicious Local Michigan Snow (Flat) Peas, Sugar Snap Peas (can eat husk), and Shelling Peas (cannot eat husk) for $3.99 pound. Local Zuchini & Yellow Squash,  Local Okra, Local Cucumbers and Pickles! Tomatoes are now from Arkansas, so they taste better than what we have been getting, but not as good as local tomatoes. Local Beautiful Sunflowers ($1.99 stem), We have alot of Beautiful Local Herb Plants for $4.99 each. Right now we have Cilantro (Coriander), Basil, Dill, Chives, Mojita Mint and Sage. and Large Aloe Vera Plants (prices marked). Lots of Local Raw or Regular Honey, and Michigan Frozen Tart Sour Pie Cherries  $7.99 for 2 1/2 pounds. The Take and Bake Pies and Local Gouda & Brie Cheese have showed up! The Farm Market is open everyday including July 4.


Covid-19 Update: There are a few restrictions for Fruit Acres Farm Market. Everyone is outside so no mask is required, there is plenty of room to social distance. When in line to pay, please leave 6' between groups of customers.


I can get Frozen Michigan Sour Cherries (frozen last year) that are individually frozen and pitted. They are not all frozen together, so you can scoop out exactly how many you want. You will have to order them with me atleast 2 days ahead.  I will have 2 1/2 lb bags on hand all the time, but you have to order any larger sizes. Sour Tart Pie Cherries 2 1/2 lb bags are $7.99 ea, 10 lbs (in 5lb bags) for $22.99, 20 lbs (in 5lb bags) for $39.99, or 30 lbs box for $49.99. I can get these Sour Cherries all year long, so there is no hurry in getting them.

​​U-Pick Peaches is NOT GOING TO BE AVAILABLE again this year. I am so sorry. We do have 50% (maybe) of a crop but we need those peaches to sell at my farm market. The BEST TIME for peaches at the farm market  is from August 10 to September 1. But we will have our own Sweet Peaches from July 15 to September 15 for sale at the farm market. I will be taking orders for Cling (Baby Gold) Peaches that will be ripening the end of August.

U-Pick Apples - Open Weekends from September 5 & 6 to October 11. There is no admission, free wagon ride, free playground and picnic area. The U-Pick Apples you take with you are $.99 per pound. We have lots of Apples for both U-Pick and the farm market this year. We will have lots of  Silken, Early Fuji, Gala, Golden Delicious, Sunrise, Early Golden Delicious, Experimental Apple and Blondee. The apples that only have a few apples on them are Pristine, Red Delicious, Early Gold, Jonagold, SnowSweet, Swiss Gourmet, McIntosh, Dandy Red, and Cameo. We will have lots of Honeycrisp Apples at the farm market but we never have them for U-Pick.

APRICOTS - I am very sorry and disappointed to tell you that there are NO Apricots this year on the trees. I hope they have some in northern Michigan so we can atleast get a taste!

PLUMS - There will be some sweet plums from our farm but there will not be alot of them. There may be more Blue Plums in the fall than during the summer.