Stellar Peach Breeding Program

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Stellar Peach Breeding Program
  • Great Flavor for Fresh Market

  • Large Size

  • Round Shape

  • Red Skin Color

  • Firm Flesh

  • Developed through Hand Cross-Pollination NOT Genetically Engineered

  • Excellent Storage Quality

  • Excellent Handling & Shipping Quality

  • Very Winter Hardy

  • High Bud Density

  • Bacterial Spot Resistance

Stellar Peach Varieties

(Varieties Listed in Ripening Order)

Earlystar (-16)

Earlystar ripens 16 days before Red Haven and is a very attractive round fruit with no tip. With a beautiful 80% dark red color, this peach sizes at 2 1/2" and up. Earlystar's firm flesh is bright yellow with minimal fibers and has great flavor. It is semi-freestone, meaning it has been completely freestone some years and very clingy in other years, and has very few split pits. Tree is medium vigor and precocious for early production, so thin early. Earlystar is a wonderful first peach for early season roadside or farm market stands.

Brightstar (-12)

Brightstar ripens 12 days before Red Haven and is a great peach for early season roadside stands and farmer's markets. Customers return year after year because of the outstanding flavor of this semi-freestone, firm fleshed peach. Brightstar sizes at 2 1/2" and up and has very few split pits. It also has good bacterial spot resistance.

Risingstar (-7)

Ripens 5-7 days before Red Haven. Risingstar gives growers a beautiful, high quality peach for the early season. Fruit is 80% bright orange-red, with a slight stripe, firm and averages 2 1/2" and larger. The flesh is firm and melting with a pleasing sugar-acid ratio. Risingstar is non-browning and semi-freestone. This excellent cropper has very few split pits and matures between Garnet Beauty and Red Haven. It will require diligent thinning most years because of its very hardy buds and blossoms. The tree is of medium vigor, hardy and productive with good resistance to bacterial spot and peach canker. Risingstar is very uniform in size and coloring, blooms late with Red Haven, and matures in 2 to 3 pickings.

Star 105 ( -3 days) is a great Freestone that comes about 3 days before Red Haven Peaches. It can be used for canning, freezing, baking and eating just like a Red Haven but it just ripens a few days earlier. This variety will be named in the next 2 years. 

Redstar (+1)

Ripens after Red Haven and is a large, round, very beautiful peach with 80% rich red color over a subtle striped background. The flesh is medium yellow with wonderful flavor. The 2 3/4 to 3" fruits are firm for shipping and have a slight attachment to the pit, similar to Red Haven, with very few split pits. Redstar blooms late with Red Haven, and the tree is spreading and very hardy and productive with good resistance to canker and bacterial spot. In a graded basket, well colored Red Haven and Redstar look alike. Redstar is a great Red Haven replacement.

Blazingstar (+3)

Blazingstar is a round, very firm-fleshed peach that ripens at the end of Red Haven season. It is 80% blazing red with delicious, non-browning, yellow flesh. The fruit is freestone, sizes 2 1/2" with a small pit, picks dry without tearing and has good shipping qualities. The Blazingstar tree is hardy, upright, spreading and strong with an excellent cropping history. This new extension to Red Haven season is resistant to bacterial and has great bud hardiness, almost assuring annual cropping. The flavor is sweeter than Starfire but a little smaller fruit.

Starfire (+3) Best Red Haven Season Peach Grower Friendly Tree

Starfire is a heavy annual cropper that provides high tonnage per acre with a few pickings. It has large 2 1/2" to 2 3/4", 80% bright orangish-red fruit that ripens after Red Haven. The flesh is clear yellow with some red around a small pit. Starfire has great shipping qualities and firmness. It is a very consistent cropper. The tree is strong, spreading and very hardy with excellent resistance to bacterial spot and canker. Very good flavor. This variety is a real star. Peach breeder Randy Bjorge says Starfire is his favorite peach because it produces bushels and bushels of fruit and the tree is great!

Coralstar (+12)

Coralstar® is a large, beautiful, 3", freestone peach with 80% coral red fruit that matures with Loring. The flesh is firm and clear with wonderful sweet flavor. Coralstar® holds well on the tree and in the cooler and does not brown when cut. Its size and quality make it a star for local sale or shipping. It ripens with multiple pickings over a long period and will produce heavy tonnage per acre. The tree is hardy and resistant to bacterial spot.

Allstar (+14) Best Packing Peach Grower Friendly Tree

Allstar matures before Cresthaven with a beautiful 90% bright red skin color with clear, non-browning yellow flesh. The peach is large, 2 1/2" to 3", and firm with good shipping and storage qualities. Very good sweet/acid peach flavor. It will keep for several weeks in the cooler. Allstar has a medium-size, stocky tree with very hardy buds for high yields per acre. The fruit and tree are very resistant to bacterial spot. Allstar is the favorite peach of the Stellar series being planted in the Niagra Peninsula of Canada.

Sweetstar (+18) (Annette's Favorite)

Sweetstar earned its name because it has the highest Brix level of any of the Stellar Peaches. It is larger and sweeter than Allstar & redder and sweeter than Coralstar. It has some resistant to bacterial spot and is a productive, consistently cropping tree. Sweetstar has been grown commercially for 20 years and has been the favorite among returning u-pick customers.

Blushingstar (+21) White Flesh

An incredible new high-quality white flesh peach, Blushingstar ships and stores very well. The flesh is firm enough to pick, pack, store and ship just like the other Stellar yellow flesh peaches. It colors about 80% deep pinkish-red with a white ground color and average 2 3/4". It has the unique wonderful distinctive full flavor of an extra sweet white flesh peach plus a penetrating, pleasing aroma. The flesh is white, tinged with pink and does not brown when cut. Blushingstar is completely freestone and ripens with Cresthaven. Blushingstar sets very heavy crops and must be thinned to achieve desired size as is true of all the Stellar peaches. The tree is consistently heavy producing, very hardy and open growing with some resistance to bacterial spot. This is the favorite eating peach of most of the workers on our farm. Blushingstar has been very easy to sell at our farm market because the customers come back year after year especially for this peach.

Glowingstar (+25)

Glowingstar matures in early Cresthaven season. It is a large uniform ripening peach that is 60% dark red with a bright yellow background and excellent flavor. The fruit is extra large at 2 3/4" to 3 1/4", firm, yellow and non-browning, with excellent shipping qualities and it stores well in the cooler. Glowingstar is completely freestone and hangs well on the tree even when it is completely ripe. It is a very grower-friendly peach because you can tell by looking when it is firm ripe. When the fruit is not mature, there is a large suture on it. When the suture fills out the fruit is ready to pick for grading and shipping. The tree is strong, vigorous and resistant to bacterial spot. 

Star 86 is a old variety we have had for years but are going to name it in the next year. It is a Glowingstar replacement. We are hoping to name is Rockstar but we don't know if that name can be used yet. 86 is a large, red, round , sweet peach that is the last really good variety before the late varieties. It is great for canning, freezing, baking and eating. It will store well in the refrigerator for 2 weeks. 

Star 38 and 34 are both late Freestone sweet Peaches that are good for canning, freezing, baking and eating but I like earlier varieties much better. They are large, red, but are not as sweet and do not store in the refrigerator as long as other varieties. These will never be named varieties.

Autumnstar (+42)

Autumnstar has been tested in several locations across the world for several years. It is a large peach at 2 3/4" to 3 1/4", round, 70-80% blushed red peach that ripens 47 days after Red Haven or 6 days after Encore. Autumnstar has shown exceptional bud and tree hardiness and excellent eating and shipping qualities for any season but there is nothing like it in this late late season. It has better fruit color, flavor and much better tree than Fayette or Encore. Autumnstar is a great way to extend your peach season.

Welcome to Fruit Acres

A Note from Annette and Randy: Saturday September 26, 2020

HI Everyone! We do have U-Pick Apples on our farm for you to pick off the tree yourself on Saturday September 26 and Sunday  September 27 from 10am to 4:30pm Michigan Time. This week is Sweet Gala, Ozark Gold, Golden Delicious, Experimental Apples and Jonathon  Apples for $.99 per pound, NO Admission. This is the LAST WEEKEND we will have Apple U-Pick or Any U-Pick for this year. This is just a simple U-Pick farm. You can take a wagon hayride to the Apple Orchard, Pick lots of Apples off the tree, then you can bring your own lunch to eat at our free Picnic Area with free Playground.  The U-Pick Address is 2789 Friday Road, Coloma, MI.

There is lots of Great Local Stuff now at Fruit Acres Farm Market in Coloma, MI. The farm market is located at 3452 Friday Rd, Coloma, MI, Open 9 to 7 everyday. All Fruits and Vegetables now at my market are FRESH FROM OUR FARM OR FROM LOCAL FARMS. (Except avocados, mango, lemon, limes. )

We are selling Apples, Apples and More Apples. Now we have some Honeycrisp Apples, fresh from a Local Farm. They are $26.99 half bushel (about 22 pounds), $16.99 peck box, $8.99 4 quart basket or $1.99 pound.

Please ask for a free sample of any Apple, so you can try them. We can't put out a free sample basket because of Covid, but if you ask for a sample (of anything), we can let you have a whole Apple to try. There is a sink nearby to wash the fruit before you eat.

Other Apples we have at the market are Sweet Gala Apples ($16.99 half bushel), Early Golden Delicious ($26.99 half bushel), Early Fuji ($26.99 half bushel), Cortland for Cooking ($26.99 half bushel), and Empire ($16.99 half bushel). All are available for peck boxes, 4 quart basket, or by the pound.

Sweet Apple Cider (with Honeycrisp) is here now. We get fresh pressed from our own blend of our own sweet apples every week. There is NO SUGAR added, just 100% juice from apples.

Local Sweet Blue Plums (are used just like Stanley Prune Plums) are ON SALE for $3.99 quart and 4 quart $9.99 (basket not included). They are ripe and ready.

Sweet Local Bartlett Pears ($26.99 half bushel), ($8.99 4 quart basket). I like them soft and yellow to get them as sweet as possible, so put these on the counter for several days until yellow before eating.

Local Red Raspberries for $5.99 pint or $55 for 12 pint flat.

Sweet Local Blue Concord Grapes and Yellow Niagara Grapes are $2.99 quart box. Sorry but I don't have any boxes left of Concord Grapes, but you can get Niagara Grapes for $25 half bushel. Niagara Grapes are what White Grape Juice is made out of.

Local Fresh Cauliflower ($2.99 head) and Cabbage ($2.99 head), Beautiful Brocolli ($1.99 pound),   We have local Pickles ON SALE for $.99 pound or $19.99 for half bushel (about 30 pounds).  Local Slicing Round  Tomatoes are now available for $1.99 pound or $30 for 25 pound box.  We do  have Local Sweet Grape ($2.99 pint),  Local Roma Tomatoes for $1.69 pound or $25 for 25 pound box, and Red Salad Tomatoes $3.99 quart.


Local Peppers are here. We have Large Green & Red &  Peppers for $.99 each, and Gypsy (Sweet Stuffing), Jalapeno (hot), Poblano (mildly spicy), Serrano (Very Hot), Cayenne (Mild hot, great flavor), Cherry Bomb (mild hot),  and Hot Banana Peppers. Sweet Yum Yum, Mild Cubanelle,  Mild Anaheim, and Italian Roasting Sweet Peppers. All Peppers (except bell peppers) are $1.99 pound.

Local Zuchini & Yellow Squash, New Yukon and Red Potatoes,  Local Cucumbers, Brocolli, Green Leaf Lettuce, Romaine,  Carrots, Eggplant ($1.99 each) and Turnips. For Fall Eating or Decoration, Butternut, Acorn, Carnival, Buttercup, Turban, Sweet Potato, Delcata, and Spaghetti fall squash ($.99 pound). Also Pie Pumpkins ($2.49 each), Decorative Gourds ($.69 each, 3/$1.99), Beautiful 9" Mum Plants ($8.99 each, 3/$24.99),  BIG Carving Pumpkins ($8.99 each), Medium size pumpkins in Orange, Mello Yellow, Blue, and Orange Warty are all $4.99 each.

I am sorry but there is NO MORE Local Peaches, Local Sweet Corn, Cantaloupe, Watermelon, Swiss Gourmet Apples, SnowSweet Apples, Green or Yellow Beans, Yellow and Green Tomatoes, or Sweet Blueberries. We won't have them again until next year.

Lots of Local Raw or Regular Honey, and Michigan Frozen Tart Sour Pie Cherries  $7.99 for 2 1/2 pounds and 5 lb bags for $11.50. The Take and Bake Fruit Pies taste almost as good as Homemade (nothing is as good as Grandmas) for $14.99 each.


Covid-19 Update

We are a open air Farm Market with air flowing from all 4 sides of our market. That means we are outside. According to Michigan Governor Greatchen Witmer Executive order #2020-110 on June 1, "Any individual who leaves his place of residence must: Wear a face covering over his/her nose and mouth when in any ENLCOSED PUBLIC SPACE".  Our Farm Market is not enclosed AND we have plenty of room for Social Distancing, so we and you as a customer are not required to wear a mask. But Please stay 6 feet apart when in checkout line.

I can get Frozen Michigan Sour Cherries  that are individually frozen and pitted. They are not all frozen together, so you can scoop out exactly how many you want. You will have to order them with me atleast 2 days ahead.  I will have 2 1/2 lb & 5 lb bags on hand all the time, but you have to order any larger sizes. Sour Tart Pie Cherries 2 1/2 lb bags are $7.99 ea, 5 lbs bags are $11.50,  10 lbs (in 5lb bags) for $22.99, or 40 lbs box for $66.00. The place I get them from does not carry 20 lb or 30 lb boxes anymore, sorry. I can get these Sour Cherries all year long, so there is no hurry in getting them.