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Fruit Acres Farm Market (I-94 Exit 39)

3452 Friday Road

Coloma, MI 49038

Cherry Fruit Acres U-Pick

6299 Carmody Road

Coloma, MI 49038

Peach and Apple Fruit Acres U-Pick

2789 Friday Road

Coloma, MI 49038

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Call or Text Annette (the owner):
(269) 208-3591
Farm Market:
(269) 468-3668
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Welcome to Fruit Acres Farm Market

& U-Pick


A Note from Annette and Randy: Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Fall is here and We are closed for this season for both Farm Market and U-Pick. We will be opening around June 11,2022. Our stand season is June through October 23, 2022.

THANK YOU SO MUCH TO MY WONDERFUL CUSTOMERS AND MY HARD WORKING EMPLOYEES. It was a challenging year, but we made it through. Hopefully we will have a great crop of all crops to sell you next year.

Farm Market Address 3452 Friday Road, Coloma, MI.  I-94 Easy Off Easy On at Exit #39.

U-Pick Sweet Cherries are the first U-Pick for the season for 2022 and will start around June 24, 2022. Please check back for more accurate times. Sweet Cherry U-Pick only lasts about 10 days.





Next year I am starting a Email Newsletter, so if you want the most up to date information sent to your email, please sign up for the newsletter (after I set it up). This is the most reliable way of making sure the information is delivered to you every week. But now I am trying to learn how to design and start it. It is alot more complicated than I thought it would be. I am sorry but I am having problems getting this going, Technology does not like me. By Next year I will have it figured out