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Find Us At:

Fruit Acres Farm Market (I-94 Exit 39)

3452 Friday Road

Coloma, MI 49038

U-Pick Farm is 1 Mile South of Farm Market

Cherry Fruit Acres U-Pick

6299 Carmody Road

Coloma, MI 49038

Peach and Apple Fruit Acres U-Pick

2789 Friday Road

Coloma, MI 49038

Fruit Acres Farm Market & U-Pick is 2 1/2 hours from Ohare (without traffic) & 107 miles from Chicago Loop

Contact Us:

Call or Text Annette (the owner):
(269) 208-3591 or
(269) 468-3668

We are also on Facebook & Instagram!
**We accept cash & credit/debit cards!**

Fruit Acres Farm Market & U-Pick is Closed for this season. We will not be open again until June 2024. Thank you very much to All our Great Customers and Friends for Making This One of Our Best Summer and Fall Seasons. Also Thank You to my Great Employees for helping me this year. Have A Wonderful Fall, Winter and Spring until we open again in June.

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